Unmetered VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

Published: 24th May 2010
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If you are looking for web hosting, then you have a lot of choices. Factors like unmetered dedicated bandwidth, storage, control panels, and price are important. Technical and customer support are important too. Sometimes it seems that you have to give up some things (like having an unmetered dedicated server ) in order to gain others. But NQHost has such a broad range of hosting packages that anyone from a small, single proprietorship to the largest online enterprise can find hosting that fits their needs.

NQHost uses Xen technology. Xen was first developed at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. It is a server virtualization code that is open source, free, and that allows several different operating systems to run on the same server at the same time. Xen systems use the Xen hypervisor, which puts a layer of software on each server that allows it to be divided into independent virtual private servers (VPS). To users, it is like having an unmetered bandwidth dedicated server of just the right size with a flat cost for bandwidth, no matter how much they use.

Users do not notice the Xen software that allows them to have an unmetered bandwidth VPS. On top of the "layer" of Xen, a number of users can have their own VPSs running different operating systems and not affect the running of the other VPSs on the same physical hardware. With the older shared hosting model, problems on one chunk of the server could cause problems on other parts of the server, which meant that if a website sharing a server crashed, it could take down other sites with it in a worst case scenario. But each unmetered VPS is like an island, coexisting with the other VPSs, yet not affecting them or being affected by them.

NQHost offers everything from 3 Mbps unmetered sever (VPS) hosting for $15 per month to 10 and 100 Gbps unlimited dedicated servers for those with the need and the budget for them. Most of the physical servers are located in the USA, though some of them are located in Germany. NQHost's support team consists of senior level engineers, so you won't have to go through layer upon layer of a phone tree to reach a live person who can help you and answer your questions. Real unmetered bandwidth for every budget with the robust and stable Xen software underneath it all make NQHost one of the best choices you can make when choosing a web hosting company.

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